Hoodoos Apologise To Upset Fans

26 April 2012 | 4:20 pm | Staff Writer

After an online fan backlash, Hoodoo Gurus apologised for cutting short last night's gig in Melbourne.

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Hoodoo Gurus left fans angered when they exited the stage after just one encore at last night's Melbourne leg of the Dig It Up! festival.

After the gig fans, who had expected a ninety-minute set, posted messages of complaint on the band's website.

"I'll have a bad taste in my mouth for quite some time after last night's performance" wrote Craig Smith, who claimed to have travelled from South Australia for the show.

Another fan complained: " To walk off stage 30 mins early and no encore is a joke."

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Earlier today, Gurus frontman Dave Faulker took to his bands' Facebook page to apologise: "There's been a huge misunderstanding today, by us, as to what YOU, the audience wanted."

Faulkner went  on to point out that the band's Dig It Up! set was always intended to have included the entire Stoneage Romeos track listing plus two encores but felt that the audience response in Melbourne was lacklustre.

Faulkner: "I thought that we would be only be getting asked (by you) for one encore and that we would embarrass ourselves by trying to push for an extra one - it didn't sound like anyone even wanted ONE because there wasn't much cheering from where we stood backstage."

He added: "We would have like to play more and I'm very sorry now that we didn't. We completely misread you, the audience, and were oblivious to how much were enjoying yourselves so again, I'm very sorry about this misunderstanding."