Here’s What Thom Yorke's New Album Has In Common With K-pop Band BTS

28 June 2019 | 10:44 am | Staff Writer

If you guessed “the father of modern analytical psychiatry” Carl Jung, you'd be correct!

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Usually, the creative genius behind a band like Radiohead would have little to do with a K-pop sensation such as BTS, but with his new album, Thom Yorke follows in the footsteps of the group.

Yorke’s third solo album, Anima, might just be his “definitive solo record”, according to The Music reviewer Christopher H James, and it probably has a lot to do with the inspiration throughout.

Anima is named after a concept from “the father of modern analytical psychiatry”, Carl Jung, specifically the unconscious feminine side of a man.

Meanwhile, BTS’ new record, Map Of The Soul: Persona, is a concept album that channels Jung’s Persona theory that says we each wear a mask, a persona, in public to make friends and integrate socially.

“Unsurprisingly though, Yorke’s examination of the mind is darker, self-destructive even, expressing in interviews his aim to create music in which he no longer recognises himself,” James said.

“Lyrically, Anima is Yorke at his most oblique, although as we might’ve expected, dystopia, disconnection and continuous anxiety are all apparent ongoing concerns.”

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