Here Are Some Things You Can Do In The Time George Ezra's 'Shotgun' Has Been In The Charts

18 January 2019 | 3:25 pm | Staff Writer

That's a lottttta Ezra.

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George Ezra’s Shotgun has easily become the breakout hit of the summer. In Australia alone, the track has had 37 million plays. 

37 MILLION! That’s more plays than we have people in the country. Given that it works out that every person in the country (all 25,223,372 right now) could have listened to the song 1.47 times, we thought it might be time to do some Ezra-related equations.

Shotgun has spent a total of whopping 24 weeks in the ARIA Singles Chart. It topped the chart for five consecutive weeks and scored Ezra his first-ever #1 single in Australia (which, frankly, we’re shocked too that Budapest didn’t ever get get higher than #5). 

Here’s just some things you can get done in the same amount of time that Shotgun has spent in the Aussie charts…

Firstly, 24 weeks = 241,920 minutes.

Become very good friends with the George Ezra & Friends podcast series

There’s currently 21 podcasts in the George Ezra & Friends series, which includes interviews with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Elton John, Lily Allen, Sam Smith, Nile Rodgers and a heap more. In 24 weeks, you can listen all the eps 219 times. That’s right, all 1103 minutes of it 219 times.

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Head to Budapest and see what all the hype is about

It’s arguably Ezra’s best-known song and a much-loved city - Budapest. You could head to Budapest from Sydney and back again 86 times. 

Flying time: 23 h & 15 m = 1395 mins
= 86 times to Budapest, back home, then Budapest, home, Budapest, home...

Back it up

Ezra’s two album-strong back catalogue is 94 minutes long (2014’s Wanted On Voyage comes in at 57 mins, and 2018’s Staying At Tamara’s hits the 37 min mark). You could listen to this two on repeat a total of 2,574 times. That’s a whole lotta Georgie.

Straight shooter

Shotgun goes for a total of 3 mins and 21 seconds. Let’s round that up to 3 and a ½ mins for counting’s sake. If you’re really lovin’ the Ezra, you could listen to it 411 times in a single 24 hour period. There’s 168 days in 24 weeks, meaning you could keep that baby on loop and hear Shotgun around 69,000 times. Ezra says Shotgun eight times throughout the track meaning you’d hear the word around half a million times. Try getting that out of your head...

Okay so maybe you don’t want to hear it that many times but you can catch it live at Ezra’s upcoming Aussie shows. While Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne have already sold out, you can still nab a ticket for the Perth and Brisbane shows, with the tour kicking off from 25 January with Eves Karydas as special guest. Check out theGuide below for all the info on dates and tickets.

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