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Hellyeah Drummer Says Hell No To Removing Bandanna, Refused Entry Into Bar

25 August 2015 | 10:40 am | Staff Writer

At least he took it off at customs to get into the country, right?

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Texas heavy metal supergroup Hellyeah are on tour at the moment around Australia and NZ, and as you would, were looking to have a bit of a fun time between shows. Wanting to hang out at Christchurch's The Rockpool, the band's drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott was denied entry for refusing to take off his bandanna.

As reports, the former Pantera drummer had played a show at The Bedford over the weekend with the band and was headed to the bar and pool hall, though the door was reportedly as far as he got.

The Rockpool has been under heat as of late for their strict entry stipulations, in which they also refused entry to a young artist who had facial tattoos, even though he offered to cover them up with make-up. He said the tattoos were "[not] gang affiliated whatsoever". 

The bar's owner Peter Whittaker did not comment on the Hellyeah incident, but said of people with visible facial and neck tattoos: "Not everyone is automatically excluded, but we don't want that profile of person there."

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Hellyeah have not addressed the incident on their Facebook or Twitter. They're due to play Adelaide at The Gov tonight.