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Halloween Hysteria Round Table Zoom Chats - King Parrot, Disentomb, Mountain Wizard Death Cult

25 March 2022 | 12:44 pm | Staff Writer
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Halloween Hysteria III is on 2nd April at Mansfield Tavern in Brisbane - We got Slatts from King Parrot, Jordan from Disentomb, and Chappo from Mountain Wizard Death Cult together for a chat about the festival, what they are wearing on the day + weird gigs and more.

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Halloween Hysteria III - Slatts Everyday from King Parrot, Jordan from Disentomb and Chappo from Mountain Wizrd Death Cult get together on a Zoom call to chat about all things HEAVYYYYYY and their plans for their show at Halloween Hysteria III at Mansfield Tavern on April 2 - Tickets now on sale at!