Gravemind debut new vocalist along with new single/video Deathtouch

4 March 2022 | 10:05 am | Staff Writer
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Gravemind debut new era, with new vocalist Bailey - and drop Deathtouch single/video about ancient aliens and the creation of the civilised world. It's the first taste of Gravemind with clean vocals!

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Gravemind seem to be a juggernaut that just doesn't stop. Today they debut their new singer/vocalist Bailey Schembri - and they move forward into 2022 with a new and refined era for the band.

They debuted Bailey, on their hotly anticipated brand new single, Deathtouch, out now on Greyscale Records.

The band made the statement that "All four of us are so excited for the new era of Gravemind to be shown to the world, it’s the strongest our lineup has felt musically and it’s reinvigorated us after two heavily interrupted years. Getting to debut Bailey at Unify and play Deathtouch for the first time is making us all feel like kids again and it’s gonna be such a surreal feeling to be up on that festival stage again, doing what we love." 

"Deathtouch is about an ancient alien race that had facilitated the creation of our civilised world Bonded with our DNA to create born leaders to sit on their thrones controlling their regions on earth and ultimately leading to our demise." 

They will kick off their live tilt in 2022 next week at Unify Gathering 2022 on and then they will be packing their bags and passports to support Polaris in Europe and the UK through out September 2022.

"The future of the band is looking stronger every day. After our lineup change, we had to reshuffle jobs and learn new things, it was a lot to process. But the willingness to all work together to get to where we are now is exciting and we know we’ve only got better songs to come out after this, a lot that we’ve been sitting on for such a long time. Deathtouch is only the tip of the iceberg for how we’ve refined our sound."



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