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GANGgajang Lend Their Voice For Yes

10 August 2023 | 11:36 am | Mary Varvaris

'Speak To Me' is ready for radio and to lead the Yes campaign.


GANGgajang (Credit: Wendy Mac Dougal)

Australian pop rock royalty GANGgajang have a way of capturing the mood of the country. The band behind Sounds Of Then (This Is Australia) have lent their platform to the Voice referendum, saying Yes.

Sharing a lyric video to their anthemic new single, Speak To Me, GANGgajang wrote in the YouTube section: “This video features paintings from the 'Deserts' series by Geoffrey Stapleton as the backdrop to our song 'Speak To Me'. We say Yes to the Voice from the heart, and soul, of Australia. To a Voice calling all of us to a better future.

“We thank Jack Thompson for his heartfelt spoken word contribution, William Barton for his virtuoso didgeridoo performance and all who have contributed to our ‘Speak To Me’ journey. GANGgajang pay our respects to the elders, past, present and emerging on whose lands our recording and video was made.”

Speak To Me is likely one of the best, most important tracks GANGgajang have ever released, and one the entire country needs to hear. Led by Barton’s didgeridoo, bass and electric guitars and a singalong vocal, Speak To Me is ready for radio and to lead the Yes campaign. You can watch the lyric video below.

Showing that guitarist Robbie James touring with Yothu Yindi for five years and lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Mark Callaghan signing the legendary Uncle Jimmy Little when he was the A&R manager at Festival Records weren’t performative moves, GANGgajang have proved that they’re allies to First Nations artists in Australia and the wider community.

If the referendum is successful, The Voice will be an independent and permanent advisory body led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who will advise the Australian Parliament and Governments on issues that directly face their communities. The Voice body will be chosen by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, with the wishes of their communities represented.

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“I think that song is terrific, and I can say that without any false modesty – it found a great connection with people,” Callaghan said in an interview with The Music about the longstanding impact of Sounds Of Then (This Is Australia).

“There are lots of songs that are really good, and they don't connect, so you have to stay humble and realise you got a bit of a lucky break there. I always feel very blessed to have had that tune connect with people, but I never take myself too seriously.”