Frenzal Rhomb Release Pell Shirt; Label Him ‘Horrible Paedophile Enabler’

18 March 2016 | 3:48 pm | Daniel Cribb

"These legends have been dealing with the pain all their lives, and are now having to relive it because some smarmy frock-wearer won't own up to being a rape-enabler.”

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In keeping with past shirt designs, Australia’s favourite “third rate punk pop losers” Frenzal Rhomb have re-released a politically-charged design that takes aim at Cardinal George Pell, with the band labelling him a “horrible paedophile enabler”.

Speaking to about the design, which is a play on Slayer’s Hell Awaits record and features Pell sitting on a throne with “Pell Awaits” written below, guitarist Lindsay McDougall said the imagery was done up in 2014 (an idea from friend and artist Glenno Smith), with Pell's actions at the recent Royal Commission - after declining to return to Australia for them - a prime time to reprint it.

“I guess the accidental link being that because that horrible paedophile enabler believes in it, he'll probably actually go to hell when his sordid life finally ends,” McDougall said.

“We booked a gig in Ballarat and saw the disgusting way he weaselled out of answering any questions honestly, from behind his golden camera tripod in the safety of the Vatican (or child rape HQ as they like to call it), with the Ballarat victims ACTUALLY STANDING THERE, watching his thin little hellbound lips spitting out those obvious lies, well, it seemed timely to trot it out again.”

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It’s not a matter the band takes lightly either, with McDougall expressing a strong opinion on Pell’s actions.

“They are the actions of a man who pretends he believes in God and The Devil, yet has no problems committing exactly the acts that will better acquaint him with the latter than the former. So, pretty much on par for that tier of the religious hierarchy.

“He's ticked off most of the 7 Deadly Sins, from his ultra-conservative views on queer lifestyles (Homosexuality a greater risk than smoking), a little basic misogyny, climate change denial, to his grossly overpriced $700k renovation rescue in Vatican City that even had Papa Frank scowling (an under-sink storage unit cost $7000!). And of course the whole pretending-to-be-sick-so-he-can't-fly-back-to-Australia-to-face-the-Royal-Commission-for-turning-a-blind-eye-to-priests-fucking-kids thing. I liked his attitude on refugees though. He's probably saved from the lowest pit of hell for that.”

Recently, Tim Minchin released hit single Come Home (Cardinal Pell), which raised raise over $200,000 and hit #1 on the Australian iTunes Songs Chart.

“I'm glad that with such a massive audience he's still into making statements like that, to rattle the cages a bit,” McDougall said. “The song though, come on. That melody is a rip of of Green Day's 21 Guns, which is a rip off of Bachelor Girl's Permission To Shine, which is a rip off of Telephone Line by Electric Light Orchestra. But I've heard Matilda is a great romp for kids of all ages.”

“I'm much more impressed with the Ballarat survivors (and people like Meshell Laurie who raised the cash) who actually went over to the Vatican to front the prick. It's all good for massive comedians or third rate punk pop losers to have a go from the safety of our merch store, but these legends have been dealing with the pain all their lives, and are now having to relive it because some smarmy frock-wearer won't own up to being a rape-enabler.”

Frenzal Rhomb hit the road at the end of the month for their first shows with drummer Gordy Forman since he broke his arm in Perth last year during a show. The tour kicks off Thursday 31 March at The Loft in Warnambool before taking on other states, all with support from Clowns.

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