Footy Players and Heroin Overdoses: Frenzal’s Biggest Gripes

6 June 2012 | 3:30 pm | Dan Condon

Lindsay McDougall says these "dickheads with their shirts off" have plenty to be pissed off about.

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What keeps a punk rock band angry after so many years? Plenty of things, according to Frenzal Rhomb's (and triple j's) Lindsay McDougall, with abusive football players and avoidable drug overdose two of the most extreme examples.

As the band celebrates 20 years of existence – though McDougall didn't join until 1996 – the question was posed in an interview conducted to promote some regional dates over the next few weeks as to what keeps the fire in their belly.

“As long as we are living and breathing there are things that piss us off, or things that upset us or things that make us go, 'That is so stupid!' Whether it be footballers getting off sexual assault charges, or seeing a young girl OD in a fast food carpark because her boyfriend doesn't wanna call the cops because he's carrying heroin. Sure, those are two extreme cases, but they are pretty much of the same pool of shit that pisses us off.”

In the same interview, McDougall admits to ripping stage schtick from Canadian punks Chixdiggit and explains that, even though they're not exactly young themselves, they still draw a surprisingly young crowd, referring to themselves as “dickheads with their shirts off” and a “guilty pleasure”.

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Read the story, taken from today's Time Off magazine, in full here.