Frenzal Rhomb Announce Their First Album In Six Years, 'The Cup Of Pestilence'

15 February 2023 | 11:23 am | Mary Varvaris
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“We’ve done a new album! Took us a while because, you know, *gestures everywhere*, but we did it.”

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Frenzal Rhomb have announced their first album in six years, their tenth record, The Cup Of Pestilence, which will be released on 7 April. The announcement from Australian punk rockers is preceded by the raucous new single, Where Drug Dealers Take Their Kids.

"It’s been a cold and dark 6 years, but don’t worry, Frenzal Rhomb are back, and they're taking you on a journey," the band wrote on Facebook.

The Smoko At The Pet Food Factory group added, "So put the child seat in the back of the Hyundai Accent, drop the bottom string down to C# and let’s go to a place where the train line ends, and you have to get a bus, where nu-metal never really died, and where the chatter of happy families is interrupted by the buzz of WhatsApp messages and 'sorry Jaxxon, Daddy has to go talk to those grown-ups for a bit.'"

On the band website, Frenzal Rhomb allude to the pandemic, partying, and hot riffs in another statement, "We’ve done a new album! Took us a while because, you know, *gestures everywhere*, but we did it."

Throughout its 19 tracks, The Cup Of Pestilence contains song titles spanning from the ominous (I Think My Neighbour Is Trying To Kill Me, Lane Way Dave), enjoying recreational drugs (Dog Tranquiliser, Thought It Was Yoga But It Was Ketamine) and a spin on a Paul Kelly classic (How To Make Gravox). Frenzal Rhomb remain as ridiculously fun as ever.

Last month, Frenzal Rhomb issued more of their infamous "Pell Awaits" t-shirts following the death of Cardinal George Pell. $5 from each shirt sold goes to Bravehearts, an Australian child protection foundation dedicated to preventing and treating child sexual abuse. 

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"Praise him, for he is risen! The shirt that is," the band wrote on social media, announcing the revival of the shirt. "We raised almost 9 grand last time, trying to make something good out of something evil. And Glenno’s infernal art skills."

Pre-order The Cup Of Pestilence here.