Hyped Melbourne Secret Show Sells Out In 3.4 Seconds

3 February 2023 | 9:47 am | Parry Tritsiniotis

Penguin watching, police shutdowns, lines outside of random pubs and a text message scam. Fred Again.. fans are eagerly awaiting a secret show.

Fred Again.. has a reputation for throwing secret DJ set shows after his main headline performers. 

Most recently, he performed secret shows in the UK for fans alongside his trio of bromance, Skrillex and Four Tet. 

As he arrived in Australia for Laneway Festival, fans have heavily speculated as to where, if and when he'd be performing a secret show. His headline concert show in Melbourne took place on Tuesday of this week and with a few days off before the next leg of his festival run, many fans in Melbourne assumed he'd find a way to perform a secret show.

They were right, with the now iconic electronic music artist set to perform a secret show at The Howler on WednesdayHowever, police shut the show down. 

He said on his Instagram stories, "[Howler Melbourne] I tried. I really tried. But we came there and the police said we couldn't play cos it would be dangerous and I think on balance I wasn't going against them. But we're working on something..."

When Thursday arrived, fans began the hunt for another secret show. The Howler in Melbourne posted on their stories of a text message scam which would send users a message saying, "Your name and phone number was entered on the mailing list for Fred Again.. At Howler Bar. To confirm and accept your invitation to tonight's private event please reply."

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Howler posted the text urging fans not to reply stating, "These text messaging going around currently about the list from last night are not legitimate. Please do not respond to them!"

Last night, Fred Again.. posted a story of whale emojis. Fans straight away began to speculate, with many suggesting that he would rock up and perform at the Prince Of Wales. 

He then reshared a story of fans lining up at the hotel stating, "I'm so sorry guys we're literally not at the prince of wales I just posted it to show you how mental you're all going on Discord. We're watching penguins."

So while fans rocked up to the pub, Fred was wholesomely enjoying watching the world's cutest animal. 

Just this morning he posted a video of the penguins, "Gooood morning. Melbourne I just got the final [thumbs up] that we have something ready to go tonight."

Finally, the secret show will happen. Fans on the waitlist for his show received a text message link to a secret rave tonight. 

The performance went on sale at 11am and according to the Ticket hosting website, Humanitix, they sold out in 3.4 seconds.