Foo Fighters Tease Emotional New Single Dropping Tomorrow

16 May 2023 | 10:25 am | Mary Varvaris
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“All this time it still feels like yesterday/That I walked a million miles with you.”

Photo of Dave Grohl

Photo of Dave Grohl (Linda Dunjey)

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Foo Fighters will release their eleventh album, But Here We Are, in a few weeks. On Friday, 2 June, the US rockers will release the first album since the tragic passing of drummer Taylor Hawkins.

They made the album announcement a month ago after a few days of teasing new music. Upon announcing a new album, Foo Fighters unveiled the first single, Rescued.

Rescued is classic Foo Fighters - open, addictive power chords, resonant, shout-along vocals from Dave Grohl - it’s rock music to soothe the soul.

Tomorrow (17 May), the band will drop an unnamed, heart-wrenching new song featuring emotional lyrics flashing in a teaser video: “I woke up and walked a million miles today/I've been looking up and down for you,” the video reads.

“All this time it still feels like yesterday/That I walked a million miles with you.”

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Foo Fighters weren’t kidding when they said that But Here We Are is a “brutally honest and emotionally raw response to everything Foo Fighters endured over the last year” in a press release shared by Pitchfork.

On New Year’s Eve, Foo Fighters paid tribute to Taylor Hawkins and announced they would continue as a band. Speculation about who would sit in the drummer’s seat has followed them ever since, with Pearl Jam’s Matt Cameron denying rumours that he’s joining the band.

At the time of writing, Foo Fighters haven’t revealed who their new drummer is. However, the Foo Fighters Archive Twitter account has pointed out that according to the BMI publishing catalogue for Rescued, no other musicians have been added to the band’s lineup. Is Dave back on drums?

Earlier this week, Grohl revealed his favourite band he’s ever played in – and it wasn’t the Foo Fighters.

In an archival interview with Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson – recorded in 2005 for his radio show Masters Of Rock – Grohl said that he looks back most fondly on his time with Queens Of The Stone Age.

Of course, Grohl didn’t leave his fellow Foo Fighters in the dust. He went on to describe his dynamic with the modern-day rock titans as being “like a family”, adding: “The three guys in the band are like my brothers and that’s a feeling I don’t get with anybody else.”