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Five Albums Letlive Can't Live Without

6 June 2016 | 2:53 pm | Staff Writer

"This record makes me feel like I'm in love."

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Ahead of letlive's upcoming fourth record If I'm The Devil…, we asked the post-hardcore band's bassist Ryan Jay Johnson what five records were irreplaceable in his music collection. 

If I'm The Devil... is due out on 10 June via Epitaph.

Cake — Fashion Nugget

This record is fantastic. The bass lines are unbelievable and inspiring. I know John McCrea revolves through musicians almost every album, but this line-up was so tight, interesting, but simple. Groove, melody, and character - great combination.

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Bjork - Vespertine

This record makes me feel like I'm in love. It may not have that effect on everyone, but it sits really prominently in my go-to record list. She's one of our generation's best artists.

Damien Rice -

Found this record after watching Closer. Love the movie, love this record. Definitely made for the times you need reprieve from the business of life. There may not be a more human record ever made. It's overwhelmingly sentimental, real and, well, sad. But it makes it all okay.

Portishead - Third

This is my go-to reading record. I can't tell you how many books I've read while listening to this record. I would put all three albums of theirs if I could, to be honest. This just holds so much depth because of the stories I have associated to it.

The Zombies - Odessey and Oracle

I had this record on repeat for what seems like forever after a recommendation from a co-worker in my late-teens. Everyone knows Time Of The Season, but this record holds the rich landscapes of '60-'70s pop, that parallels The Beatles in a very interesting way. I think what also held my interest with this record was hearing from a friend about the back story. They all were sick of each other and planned to break up prior to recording this record. It seemed so interesting and complex knowing definitively this was the last thing your band would record.