Farnham Slams Reclaim Australia As 'Disgusting'; Bans Use Of Song

22 July 2015 | 4:59 pm | Staff Writer

Another Aussie legend speaks out.

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Just hours after Reclaim Australia agreed to stop using singer Jimmy Barnes’ music at their rallies per his request, fellow Aussie music legend John Farnham has also slammed the group for using his hit anthem You’re The Voice during their protests.

As reported by Fairfax, Farnham's long time manager Glenn Wheatley blasted the group’s organisers for using the iconic track.

"I have successfully pulled down the use of You're the Voice from Youtube that these guys have been using," Wheatley said in a statement.

"The use was disgusting as it showed the decapitation of those poor souls who lost their lives."

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The song was used along with other famous Aussie songs including Barnes' Khe Sanh and country singer Lee Kernaghan's Spirit Of The Anzacs during rallies over the weekend. Similarly to Barnes, Farnham and Wheatley distanced themselves from Reclaim Australia.

"John and I are seriously opposed to the use of John's song at the rallies. It no way reflects our support in any way," Wheatley said.

"There are other means to conduct protests. Just don't use our song or Jimmy Barnes and Lee Kernaghan's."