FANGZ Focus On Overcoming Addiction On New Single 'Fine Without You'

28 April 2023 | 2:39 pm | Mary Varvaris
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"Sometimes you need to hit rock bottom, to become the best version of yourself."

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Sydney punk rockers FANGZ have unleashed a new single, Fine Without You, a number that tackles overcoming drug addiction.

Powered by channelling their chaotic live performance, the band pay homage to gory thriller films such as Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs and Snatch in an electrifying music video filmed, directed and edited by Rhys Bennett of High Voltage Photography (Polish Club, Totally Unicorn). You can watch the clip below.

"Fine Without You is about overcoming addiction. The lyrics allude to a love song, but it's really about falling down a hole and climbing back out to overcome it all,” vocalist Joshua Cottreau said in a statement.

Cottreau continued, “In late 2022, I almost threw everything away that was good in my life. Fortunately, I had a great network of family and friends who supported me throughout the ordeal. 

"I was very lucky to get the outcome I did, and it's made me appreciate the things I take for granted every day. Sometimes you need to hit rock bottom, to become the best version of yourself."

In a recent Kill Your Stereo feature, FANGZ bassist Jameel Majam discussed the importance of smaller to medium-sized music venues.

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“With the loss of so many venues, it would be easy to say, ‘live music is dead’ or ‘the scene used to be…’, but we need to stop doing this. If you say something enough, people believe it to be true. It’s not. Countless venues need your support and need you to be championing them. The newly reopened Lady Hampshire is back as a dedicated live music venue,” Majam wrote.

“The Duke, where you can walk in most nights and discover your new favourite band, Moshpit, The Lansdowne, House Of Music and Booze, Vic On The Park, Mary’s Underground, The Vanguard, Oxford Art Factory, Waywards, The Alley, Lazybones, The Great Club, Jolene’s, Shady Pines, The Chippo and probably more places opening as I write this. 

“So next time you and your mates are discussing the latest DZ, King Gizz or Amyl And The Sniffers record whilst eating some overpriced Tex Mex - maybe consider grabbing the bill and heading down to the local gig hole and giving the next emerging artist a chance to ‘wow’ you. After all, everyone has to start somewhere.”