Falls Festival Organisers Respond To Tix Hitting Viagogo For Stupid Prices

29 August 2017 | 12:23 pm | Staff Writer

As reseller gets taken to court.

Tickets to this year's Falls Festival only went on sale this morning and, after record sell-out times in Byron Bay and Lorne, some have already hit Viagogo for ludicrous prices. 

Original ticket prices are going for $355 each, however as noted by Music Feeds, some tickets have been listed on the resale website for well over $4000.

In a statement given to The Music, festival organisers have urged punters to not purchase tickets from Viagogo. 

"There is no official resale facility for The Falls Festival, with increasing demand we are investigating the viability of introducing one," the statement reads.

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"Till then, we strongly discourage patrons purchasing from any unauthorized third party sellers at inflated prices, we can’t guarantee legitimacy of tickets purchased outside the Falls official platform. No tickets for Falls are issued until December 1st, we will be scanning all tickets on arrival and you will not be granted entrance if the barcode has already been scanned. 

"If you're buying from a trusted friend for the face value price of the ticket that is fine. Supply and demand drives this market, and it’s legal. The law permits them to do so. We wish people wouldn’t resell tickets for profit, but at the moment, there isn’t any legal recourse to prevent this."

Live Performance Australia has also released a Safe Tickets Guide, which is being supported by Falls Festival — for more details, click here

The news comes after it was confirmed yesterday that Viagogo is being taken to court by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC), who allege that the Swiss-based company has engaged in misleading conduct with its consumers.