Eyehategod Tour In Doubt As Band And Promoter Feud

15 January 2014 | 11:11 am | Staff Writer

Public fall-out on social media

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The 25th anniversary tour by American metal band Eyehategod is in doubt after the band told fans that they would no longer be touring.

Promoted by Heathen Skulls, the two parties had disagreements over the tour artwork previously before the band's latest statement has put them at odds once more.

“We are not coming to Australia, and you can thank Heathen Skulls booking, [owner] Robert McManus,” the band wrote. “We apologize to all of our fans; its not our fault!” (sic)

Commenting on the same Facebook thread, McManus denied fault and claimed there had been an airline mistake. He also indicated that the tour may yet happen.

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“THIS ISN'T MY FAULT,” he wrote, “it was a fuck up on the airlines part with the booking, i'm trying to get this resolved as we speak.” (sic)

Eyehategod formed in 1988 and have released four studio albums. They helped establish the sub genre of heavy music called sludge metal.