EXCLUSIVE: Rocket Science Announce First New Album In More Than 10 Years

5 June 2019 | 2:17 pm | Dan CribbJessica Dale

Check out their new single right here!

Pic by Patrick Pantano

Pic by Patrick Pantano

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Australian alt rock outfit Rocket Science burst back onto the scene with a new single, announcing their first new album in more than 10 years and a label signing.

The new cut, Chasing Rainbows, is taken from Snake, which is due for release on August 16 via the band’s new home, It Records.

“Both It Records and Rocket Science have similar philosophies and wants,” frontman Roman Tucker told The Music.

“It's a new era of change, but this is a change we want because art is something we need to survive this time of crisis.”

Drummer Kit Warhurst added: “We really admire the artists on the label, the diversity and the ethos that the label was founded under. We are proud to be part of the It records family.”

After disbanding in 2008 following the release of Different Like You, Rocket Science regrouped for a one-off benefit show for Mick Blood back in 2014.

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"We really enjoyed that. The band chemistry was as vital and vibrant as ever, which I think surprised us all,” guitarist Paul Maybury said.

“Roman had some ideas for new music we could play, and the album grew from there.”

Tucker said Different Like You was a “last-ditch effort to try to avoid fate and eventual demise”.

“It's interesting because of that fact. I'd suffered a brain injury in 2004, and we thought that we should keep the band alive by doing a recording and some gigs. 

“It wasn't until much later, as Paul pointed out, when we played the Mick Blood benefit, that we knew we were ready to resume. We just knew. Now I'm confident that we are on the right track and can move forward. For me, Rocket Science is a creative endeavour and is something we do to grow as artists.”

The new single, as described by Tucker, “paints a dark and uncompromising picture a dystopian world” crafted from his experiences in a recovery ward.

“The song is unrelenting and uncompromising where the listener is witness to the unknown,” he said.

“There is strange dialogue being discussed. The setting is bittersweet. The time is uncertain. Chasing Rainbows is filled to the brim with Rocket Science tropes and flavour that can only be produced by the original cast. In Chasing Rainbows, the world is uncertain, and the outcome is bleak.”