EXCLUSIVE: I Am Duckeye Address Alleged Album Leak: 'We Jumped The Gun'

29 February 2016 | 3:16 pm | Neil Griffiths

Band clear the air.

Melbourne band I Am Duckeye have given an exclusive statement to theMusic in regards to this weekend's alleged album leak on Spotify, after it was revealed today that the group's distribution company, MGM, were behind the supposed-premature upload of their new offering, Songs From The Gunt.

"It's official, I Am Duckeye are idiots," the punk rock outfit's statement read. 

"Turns out our distribution company were doing a great job and there was a miscommunication of digital gets released one week before physical. So there you go. *brain explodes*. We've had so much music illegally used in the past, we jumped the gun. We have no issue with streaming services, just douchecanoes who steal.

Thank you to the 1000s of Duckeye fans who went batshit crazy in our defence, consider this a drill for when we really need you guys in the fight against Nickelback."

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MGM have declined to make further comment.

I Am Duckeye's physical album will be available from 4 March.