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Emmure offer first taste of next record with new two-minute crusher, 'Pigs Ear'

4 November 2019 | 1:50 pm | Alex Sievers
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Emmure; setting up hindsight & heaviness in 2020 with 'Pigs Ear.'

Emmure; offering hindsight & heaviness with 'Pigs Ear.'

As a heavy, mosh-loving act sitting between metalcore and deathcore, Emmure actually have a lot of records. 2017's insanely aggressive 'Look At Yourself' - my personal fave - was album number seven for the group; this band as an entity has been consistently going for well over ten years now, with no signs of stopping anytime soon. Of course, every fan has their own favourite release from Emmure. Some prefer the first three albums; others (somehow) love 'Speaker of the Dead' the most; whereas people like myself prefer later releases like 'Look At Yourself' or 2012's killer 'Slave To The Game.' Even 2014's 'Eternal Enemies' had its moments! So for me, Emmure continues strongly down this stampeding path as they get "hell bent" on their heavy, simple, familiar-sounding yet violent new track, 'Pigs Ear.'

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'Pigs Ear' is a short, punchy, "digitalized" Emmure track. It's all built around Frankie Palmeri's self-loathing lyricism ("I am failure personified") and his trademarked relentless, piercings screams, all backed up by a single yet burly-as-hell riff, some big grooves, meaty breakdowns, sample voiceovers (and some sirens in the background), with plenty of  dissonance and polished production. There's also a surprising wobbly, glitchy electronic beat that acts as the song's outro too. It's the kind of song that sounds like it'd slot near the start or middle of one of their albums; it could very well be the 'Smokey' of their next record. And speaking of, Emmure's next record - which might be called 'Hindsight', if the final message of the below clip is anything to go on - will drop next year in 2020.

Love it or hate it below: