Eminem Features Perth Singer On ‘Kamikaze’

8 September 2018 | 11:47 am | Staff Writer

“This is a great moment for Australia."

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There was a lot to unpack when Eminem dropped his surprise new album, Kamikaze, last week, so it’s not surprising a few things were overlooked; mainly, an Aussie singer featuring on one of the tracks.

Eminem sampled Perth singer Donna Burke on his single Good Guy, taking her vocals from a track called Glassy Sky, which she originally sung on for the hit anime show Tokyo Ghoul.

The Aussie singer is a renowned singer, lyricist and voice actress, currently based in Tokyo and touring the world with Metal Gear In Concert.




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“This is a great moment for Australia, gamers and the music industry,” Burke said. 

“I’m shocked and happy to think that Glassy Sky is sampled by Eminem and his producer.” 

Burke was informed of the news via Twitter.

Kamikaze is expected to take out #1 on the Aus charts this afternoon.