Elly-May Barnes Launches Solo Career With Cover Of Radiohead's 'Creep'

21 November 2023 | 10:24 am | Mary Varvaris

Elly-May Barnes’ “so special” cover of 'Creep' will feature on her forthcoming debut album, due for release in March 2024.

Elly-May Barnes

Elly-May Barnes (Source: Supplied/'Creep' single artwork)

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Fresh off her appearance on Australian Story last night, Elly-May Barnes has kickstarted her solo music career with an entrancing cover of the Radiohead classic, Creep.

Anchored just by the piano and some percussion, with an electric guitar near the end, Barnes has nowhere to hide on her debut single, and we think that’s probably how she likes it. Barnes completely sells the intimate, outcast feeling of both the original song and her own version, her voice soaring when the arrangement calls for it and taking listeners on a journey.

You can check out the music video for Elly-May Barnes’ debut single below.

Barnes’ “so fucking special” cover of Creep will feature on her forthcoming debut album, due for release in March 2024. Mixed by producer Kevin Shirley (Silverchair, The Black Crowes, Iron Maiden) alongside a film clip created by Australian artist Robert Hambling (Midnight Oil, Busby Marou, Don Walker), Elly-May Barnes made her mark immediately with her first single.

Creep is not only one of my favourite songs to sing and a real departure from the other songs on my album, but I find it to be an actual anthem for outsiders,” Barnes commented in a press release. “Personally, I have found that I connect with Creep on a big emotional level when it comes to my disability.”

She continued, “Though I generally maintain a fairly positive outlook when it comes to my cerebral palsy, Creep is a song I can sing that really allows me to express the feeling of what it’s like living in a world that isn’t built for you. To know like you will always have to work harder and struggle just to fit in and survive.”

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Last night, Elly-May Barnes starred on the ABC’s Australian Story. For two and a half years, Australian Story filmed Elly-May’s story as she steps out as a cabaret singer and passionate advocate for people with disabilities.

“I’m in a place where I am comfortable with who I am and to tell my story. It’s OK to be happy and disabled,” she said. “If you have any opportunity to give disability a platform, you’ve got to take it.”

In October, Elly-May Barnes signed a record deal with ABC Music. Following the announcement of her signing, the record label issued a statement on social media that teased Elly-May’s rockstar future, which read:

“We’re delighted to welcome the sensational Elly-May Barnes to ABC Music; her Blondie meets Chrissy Amphlett vibes are an electrifying blend of talent and charm that’s simply infectious. New single coming this year, and debut album set for release in 2024!”