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Ed Sheeran Launches 'Tingly Teds' Hot Sauce

22 February 2023 | 12:49 pm | Mary Varvaris

"I’m so excited to bring this product out, it’s genuinely something I use every day on all three meals."

(Pic by Markus Ravik)

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Ed Sheeran may be touring across Australia as we speak, but he's just embarked on a new business venture: he's made Tingly Ted's, a hot sauce brand.

Making the announcement with a hilariously heartfelt Instagram video, the Bad Habits singer wrote, "I felt like something was profoundly missing in my life, and after much soul searching, I realised it was a proper hot sauce. So I made Tingly Ted's. I love it, coming to a shelf near you soon."

In the video, Sheeran also explains the reasoning behind making his own hot sauce brand. "I love my food - that’s no secret. But the older I get, the more I need spice. So we’ve developed a hot sauce called Tingly Ted's," he said. 

"I’ve developed this over time with some expert hot-sauce makers and we basically whittled it down to the best flavours, the best chilis. I wanted it the same consistency of ketchup, and I wanted something that took a higher place on my shelf or in the fridge that didn’t just get relegated to the cupboard with all the other hot sauces."

Tingly Ted's presently sells two flavours: Tingly, for people just getting into hot sauces, and Xtra Tingly, for those who can handle the heat.

The Xtra Tingly variety is listed as having 39% jalapeño content. Tingly Ted's is currently available to pre-order in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The twin pack costs £6 ($10.60 AUD). Pre-order the hot sauces here.

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Earlier this week, The Sun and The Daily Mail reported that Ed Sheeran and Adele had declined invitations to perform at King Charles' Coronation Concert.

While Adele's last scheduled gig (so far) is on 25 March at her Las Vegas residency and she doesn't have any events slated for the date of the King's coronation - 7 May, Ed Sheeran will be performing in Texas the night before the big day. The travel required to travel from Texas to London likely prevents the Celestial singer from performing at King Charles' coronation concert.

"The King has suggested a number of people he would like to perform, and Adele and Ed were on that list. He was very keen that they were part of the concert," a source involved in the concert told The Daily Mail

They added, "There is a team set up to get the talent signed up, but they were unavailable, which was a massive disappointment. They are titans of the showbiz industry and are quintessentially British but also known across the globe. It's such a shame."