Deathbeds Announce That They've Become A Three-Person Band

31 January 2023 | 10:56 am | Mary Varvaris
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"We want to tell all of our friends, family and dedicated fans that we are still as dedicated as ever."

(Pic by Calum Johnstone)

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Canberra metal band Deathbeds have announced that they've become a three-person band on social media.

Updating everyone on the band's future, the group wrote, "Deathbeds only consists of 3 members now: David, Anthony and Kit". So, that's vocalist David Oliver, guitarist Anthony Hyde, and clean vocalist/keyboardist Kit Samin.

The band continued, "We went through member changes throughout 2021-2022 and other hardships we wish to not discuss." The band haven't released original music since 2020.

Noting that being a three-person band takes more time to create music, Deathbeds don't want to rush anything. "We want to tell all of our friends, family and dedicated fans that we are still as dedicated as ever," they added. "And we have not stopped. We have only been slowed down. We hope 2023 is a reforming year and we cannot wait to honour your support."

Late last year, Deathbeds released two new covers: a scorching rendition of M.I.A's Bad Girls and a chugging version of Montero by Lil Nas X. They also opened for Northlane on their massive regional tour in Canberra alongside Windwaker. A solid end to 2022!

In May 2021, Deathbeds were seeking a new drummer after Sam Moloney vacated the position to play the guitar instead. Hopefully, this roster change is the final one for a while.

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In a local band round-up piece in 2020, Kill Your Stereo's Alex Sievers wrote, "If there's one thing that the metal community drools over, it's a good piano rendition of well-known death metal, metalcore or deathcore tracks. 

"Artists like Sean Townsend and Misstiq have made good names for themselves doing just that: re-working new or old heavy tunes and giving them a dynamic, melancholic new sheen with their interesting piano arrangements. In the latter artist's case, Misstiq lends her contemporary melodic finger-work to the bruising deathcore/metalcore sounds of Enough Isn't Enough by Canberra's Deathbeds."