Cradle Of Filth Are Recording Their 14th Album

29 May 2023 | 3:00 pm | Mary Varvaris
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"Just finished recording drums for the new Cradle Of Filth album and it's sounding amazing so far!"

Photo of Cradle Of Filth

Photo of Cradle Of Filth (Credit: Annie Atlasman)

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Suffolk extreme metal legends Cradle Of Filth are hard at work on their fourteenth album, the band revealed on social media last week. According to the band’s post, drummer Martin "Marthus" Škaroupka has finished recording his parts.

Sharing a few photos from the studio, the band wrote, “We're on our way Filthlings! From Martin 'Marthus' Skaroupka Just finished recording drums for the new Cradle Of Filth album and it's sounding amazing so far! Great to be working with our producer Scott Atkins at Grindstone Studio again!”

The news about Cradle Of Filth cooking up something devilish in the studio arrives a month after the band released their second-ever live album, Trouble And Their Double Lives.

The live album was recorded between 2014 and 2019, with most performances taking place in the US, Europe, Australia and beyond during their Cryptoriana World Tour

Trouble And Their Double Lives was released on Friday, 28 April, via Napalm Records and serves as a thirst-quencher until the follow-up to 2021’s Existence Is Futile is released next year.

“I would say a live record was long overdue, judging by the 20-odd-year gap between this and our previous offering,” the band’s ringleader Dani Filth said in a statement. 

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Beyond live albums and new Cradle Of Filth, Dani has been busy recording his highly anticipated collaboration with pop music sensation Ed Sheeran.

Speculation and reports of the team-up began in 2021 when Filth revealed that Sheeran had invited him “up to his place” in an interview with Kerrang! radio

Last year, the pair indicated that the collaboration could be “coming soon”. The track has already been delayed due to opposite touring schedules and Sheeran becoming a father. 

In a March interview with Metal Hammer, Filth assured that the track would see the light of day this summer (Australian winter).

The metal vocalist confirmed that “Ed’s done all his parts,” and added, “It’s just bass and vocals for me to do on my return to England after Easter. The plan is to do it as a charity single. We’re hoping for it to be out by the summer.”

About the song itself, Filth continued, “It’s exactly how you can imagine it’ll sound, if you can imagine Ed Sheeran with Cradle Of Filth. He plays acoustic guitar on it, but it’s heavy: it’s got a blast beat in there.”

In Ed Sheeran’s The Sum Of It All Disney+ documentary, he shared the footage Dani Filth mentioned in that very Kerrang! interview: he was wearing a Cradle Of Filth hoodie and had a guitar hanging over his shoulder. You can view Dani’s reaction to that scene here.