Cradle Of Filth & Ed Sheeran Tease Collaboration Again

23 December 2022 | 10:34 am | Mary Varvaris
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"A little over a week ago I was having lunch with the unlikely lads, having just done something fun."

(Ed Sheeran/Dani Filth/Facebook)

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The long-rumoured, anticipated collaboration between extreme death metal heroes Cradle Of Filth and Ed Sheeran might be coming soon, Dani Filth has revealed.

The Nymphetamine vocalist shared a new photo on Instagram with the pop music hitmaker and producer Scott Atkins, who's worked on several Cradle Of Filth albums, including The Manticore And Other Horrors, Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder, Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa, and one of the band's finest: Hammer Of The Witches.

"A little over a week ago I was having lunch with the unlikely lads, having just done something fun," Dani Filth wrote on Instagram, with five devil horn emojis.

Filth provided the update on the collaboration between the confessed Cradle Of Filth superfan Sheeran and himself in an interview with Knotfest earlier this year. 

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"We still have yet to finish our song with Ed Sheeran. He's done some of it, but then he had a baby, and then he got obviously sidetracked with that and doing whatever Ed does, which is play massive shows around the globe. He's not at our beck and call. But he is gonna finish it, he assures me. Actually, I spoke to him quite recently. It will be released when it's finished. We don't know when it's coming out."

Ed Sheeran and Bring Me The Horizon recently teamed up for a new version of the pop megastar’s single, Bad Habits.

The stupendously successful singer-songwriter is a noted fan of the heavier end of the musical spectrum, having recently let slip a love for both Slipknot and Cradle Of Filth and has half-jokingly expressed an interest in making a metal record. His metal credentials seem to go further, too, having covered Behemoth's Demigod at least once in a live setting and made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon, where he played an acoustic-pop version of Limp Bizkit's Break Stuff. Now, Ed is ready to step things up a notch with Cradle Of Filth.

Filth first revealed their intentions last year in an interview with Kerrang radio. The vocalist said that the time appeared to be nigh for the two worlds to collide. 

"I’ve been invited up to his place. Well, he said he could come down to mine, but I pointed out to him that I don’t own my own bar or village, and it’d be better if I went there,” Filth said. “He said he’d do anything, quite literally. He said he’s a massive fan. He seems like a genuinely very nice guy actually.

As for how Dani expects Cradle Of Filth fans to react to any potential release between the two distinctly different Suffolk sons, he, in typical Dani Filth style, couldn't give a fuck, as long as it does some good for the world. 

"I think the Ed Sheeran collaboration would be great fun. I think it’d be great if we did it for charity because at least it would bring a bit of credibility to it. Because obviously to his public, it’d be like ‘Oh my god, he’s got this weird comical guy’, and to my public, it’d be like ‘Oh my god, this is a bit weird, isn’t it?’ But I think that sort of thing, nowadays, works."

Cradle Of Filth released their 13th album, Existence Is Futile, last year and reunited with Scott Atkins.