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Cable Ties Return With New Single & Announce Their Third Album, 'All Her Plans'

29 March 2023 | 4:26 pm | Mary Varvaris
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All Her Plans is a reflective and profoundly intimate observation of various complex topics affecting everyday Australians.

(Pic by Kalindy Williams)

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One of the most loved bands in Australia’s punk rock scene, Cable Ties, have returned with a new single, Time For You, and the announcement of their third album, All Her Plans, to be released on Friday, 23 June, via Poison City Records.

The first official single lifted from the band’s anticipated new record, Time For You, sees the trio momentarily taking their foot off the accelerator to deliver an optimistic number that harnesses the warmth of feeling secure and safe when in the company of the person you love.

Underpinned by an infectious groove of rhythmic percussion and guitars and an irresistible singalong chorus, Time For You is an uplifting rock’n’roll accomplishment. The new song from Cable Ties is the glorious embodiment of all the musical ingredients that make the Melbourne band one of Australia’s most formidable acts.

Time For You is about feeling safe and happy with someone,” lead vocalist and guitarist Jenny McKechnie shared in a press release.

McKechnie added, “I’m a pretty chaotic and anxious person. I often feel that I’m barely holding everything together and never have enough time for everything I’ve planned.

“When I come home to my partner James, I feel safe, happy and like everything is going to be ok. It’s like our time together sits outside of the timeline of the rest of my life.”

Recorded in June-July 2022 with the band’s longtime engineer Paul Maybury at A Secret Location Studio, All Her Plans is a reflective and profoundly intimate observation of various complex topics affecting everyday Australians. 

Cable Ties explore Australia’s broken mental health care system, addiction, and surrendering control when life doesn’t go according to the blueprint. Pre-order the album here.

All Her Plans is the band’s first album since 2020’s Far Enough - a heady mix of ‘70s hard rock and proto-punk.

Cable Ties - All Her Plans tracklist

1. Crashing Through
2. Perfect Client
3. Time For You
4. Too Late
5. Mum's Caravan
6. Thoughts Back
7. Silos
8. Change
9. Deep Breath Out