Azealia Banks 'Proud As Fuck' & 'Truly Inspired' After Trump Win

10 November 2016 | 9:57 am | Staff Writer

"I'm fucking proud as FUCK of you."

Azealia Banks. Photo by Angela Padovan

Azealia Banks. Photo by Angela Padovan

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One of the few celebrities game (and crazy enough) to speak out in support of Donald Trump, Azealia Banks has taken to Facebook and Instagram to describe her elation with Trump's newfound presidency.

In an Instagram post, Banks writes, "I'm fucking proud as FUCK of you. One for being a gemini, two for being from NYC, three for winning the presidency and four for beating the media. The last part is your biggest victory in my eyes and I must say that I am TRULY inspired by this and feel deep amounts of vindication.

"liberals run hollywood and it's been a COLD WORLD OUT HERE FOR ME AS A TRUMP SUPPORTER," the post read.

Over on Facebook, the polarising rapper called Hillary Clinton a "cow" and said "America deserves a WAAAAAAAY better first female president then trash ass Hilary. Now that the cow has lost for the SECOND time, let's set her back out to pasture..."

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Mentioning Katy Perry and Lady Gaga (both of whom are staunch Clinton supporters), she says, "They said Katy and Gaga was backstage crying I would have laughed real hard and loud right in their faces LMFAOOO."

Lady Gaga went as far as to protest outside Trump Tower after his win, standing on a sanitation truck with a 'Love trumps hate' sign.

Banks was recently embroiled in yet another controversy after she claimed she was allegedly assaulted by Russell Crowe at a party, consequently filing a battery report against him. RZA - who was due to sign Banks to his label but soon after dropped the deal - and Aussie comedian Jim Jefferies both spoke out in support of Crowe, stating all of Banks' allegations were false.