Aurateque Drop Ferocious Debut EP 'The Dragonfly Pursuit'

28 July 2023 | 2:24 pm | Mary Varvaris
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Six tracks of unrelenting alternative metal is exactly what you need to take you into the weekend.


Aurateque (Source: Supplied)

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Aurateque dropped their debut EP, The Dragonfly Pursuit, today, and it’s a release you urgently need on your radar.

Spearheaded by the mighty range of vocalist Lauren Coleman, the band’s blend of post-hardcore, metal and rock melodies make for a quick yet endlessly captivating listen.

Coleman carries every melody from screamed vocals to passionate wails, no matter how crunchy and brutal the riffs from Matthew Bortolin and Luke Denniss are. Not to mention that drummer Tristan Lacey rips throughout.

The Dragonfly Pursuit is a culmination of lessons learnt with time and pain,” the band revealed in a statement. “It touches on many topics like substance abuse, existentialism and fear of the unknown. Central themes include patterns you can't undo and struggle to face, and becoming everything you hate.”

The Dragonfly Pursuit was produced by Australian music icon Steve Balbi (Little River Band, Noiseworks) and mixed/mastered by Chris Blancato (Northlane, Reliqa).

Six tracks of unrelenting alternative metal is exactly what you need to take you into the weekend. You can listen to The Dragonfly Pursuit and check out the new music video for Genesis below.

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The four-piece is also heading to the BIGSOUND music conference at the Fortitude Valley in September, due to rock some socks off alongside The Omnific, Battlesnake, and many more.

Kill Your Stereo caught up with the Sydney outfit last month upon releasing their banger, Renegade, in which the band told us how Aphex Twin influenced their brand of heavy music.

Guitarist Matthew Bortolin explained, “In orchestrating Aurateque’s self-proclaimed Nu-Punk sound, Aphex Twin and their Come To Daddy EP, I had influences in both direct and indirect ways. My interest in electronic music was piqued, amongst other styles and artists that I was absolutely rinsing at the time - such as math rock (CleftAlpha Male Tea PartyVASQUEZ).

“In tandem with this, my excitement skyrocketed for projects that experimented with a wide juxtaposition of aesthetics rather than records that stuck to a uniform direction (which most of my early teen thrash-head picks could be classed as) - and this just kind of became my taste in music regardless of genre, from Björk’s Post to Outkast’s Stankonia to Ocean Grove'Rhapsody Tapes, the gates had been opened.”

The Dragonfly Pursuit is out now. You can listen below.