As 'RocKwiz' Comes To An End, We Look Back On Some Of Our Favourite Collabs

5 February 2019 | 10:26 am | Lauren Baxter

We take a deep dive into the 'RocKwiz' archives to bring you our favourite collaborations.

Courtney Barnett & Billy Bragg, 2014.

Courtney Barnett & Billy Bragg, 2014.

More RocKwiz (Live) More RocKwiz (Live)

With confirmation from SBS that RocKwiz is officially not returning, we've gone down a deep YouTube spiral here at The Music reliving all our favourite moments. No surprises then that a lot of those turned out to be the killer collaborations. Join us down the rabbit hole with ten of the best. Massive shout out to the RocKwiz Orchestra for consistently killing it. Less talk, more music.

Courtney Barnett & Billy Bragg - Sunday Morning

Two of our faves covering The Velvet Underground. I mean come on. 

Tim Rogers & Vika Bull - Gimme Shelter

Vika Bull just damn. That voice! Giving Merry Clayton a run for her money and Tim Rogers in mighty fine form covering this Stones classic. 

Chris Cheney & Chrissy Amphlett - Stray Cat Blues

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Julia Zemiro noted this performance as one of her faves and anything with Chrissy Amphlett is more than alright by us. Another gritty Stones classic. POW!

Emma Louise & Husky Gawenda - The Sound Of Silence 

Emma Louise and Husky Gawenda's voices complement each other's perfectly for this soothing cover of "the quintessential folk-rock release".

Courtney Barnett & Dave Faulkner - Everybody Moves

More Courtney this time paired with Hoodoo Guru's Dave Faulkner for a killer Died Pretty cover. Vintage Barnett radiating oodles of talent. 

Seth Sentry, Julia Stone, John Butler, Paul Kelly, The Bull Sisters - Hey Ya

Okay maybe six are better than one! We didn't know we needed this in our lives until it happened and now it's all we want. 

Isabella Manfredi & Stephen Cummings - Baby Blue

What can we do? What can we say? We want this by our side. 

Liam Finn & EJ Barnes - Old Man

Old Man was a choice cover for Liam Finn and EJ Barnes who show the kids are more than alright with conviction.

Dan Sultan & Ella Hooper - With A Little Help From My Friends

The Beatles classic with the Joe Cocker arrangement and just stop! We're getting emotional. It's too much.

Adalita & J Mascis - Stop Draggin My Heart Around

RocKwiz stop dragging our hearts around. Two legends covering two legends.

Patience Hodgson & Jae Laffer - Here Comes Your Man

The Grates, The Panics, and The Pixies. Be still my beating heart.