Architects Feature On Thrice's Revisited 'The Artist In The Ambulance'

1 February 2023 | 2:20 pm | Mary Varvaris
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The album turns 20 this July, but it appears that the celebrations have kicked off early!

(Pic by Matty Vogel)

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A week after announcing their upcoming The Artist In The Ambulance Australian tour, which will see Thrice play their seminal 2003 LP front to back, the band have released a Revisited edition of the album.

The Artist In The Ambulance Revisited not only eliminates the original album's ultra-compressed sound, but it also features special guests Sam Carter from Architects, Manchester Orchestra's Andy Hull, Ryan Osterman of Holy Fawn, Be Well's Brian McTernan, Hot Water Music, and Curl Up And Die's Mike Minnick. The record is freshly mixed and performed, with current-day Dustin Kensrue's vocals working exceptionally well on songs that are 20 years old.

As notes, while the band haven't officially announced the release, it's already on streaming platforms and will surely hype up Aussie fans even more.

The American rockers will play the record in its entirety in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

On the upcoming tour, Thrice vocalist and guitarist, Dustin Kensrue said, “Some of our favourite memories of touring in Australia are from the first time we toured The Artist In The Ambulance there. There was such a great energy to those shows and we can’t wait to do it again.”

Tickets are available now via the band's website.

"I think you can either have your creative venture come first as an artistic expression and then second as a business. Or as a business first and an artistic expression second," Kensrue told Kill Your Stereo about the band's evolution.  

"Based on those priorities, you get a few different results. For us, it's always been about the art and expression first, then we try and figure out how to make a living on the back end of that. Progression means that we're conscious to not make decisions with the art based on the business value, and that keeps us from making part two or three of The Artist In The Ambulance or whatever."

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He added, "Creatively, in the long run, it's great for the listeners as well. It has a mentality of it being authentic, and that would be lost if we tried to just re-create older things. We could easily stick to do the same thing but we're just not going to."



Fri 1 Sept | Northcote Theatre, Melbourne

Sat 2 Sept | Metro Theatre, Sydney

Sun 3 Sept | Princess Theatre, Brisbane

Tues 5 Sept | Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide

Wed 6 Sept | Badlands, Perth