Amy Taylor: 'Stop Treating Me Like Sh*t While I'm Alive'

31 July 2023 | 10:49 am | Mary Varvaris

“If I die and you write an article/post about how sick I am after I die, I literally will haunt your loved ones."

Amyl & The Sniffers @ Meredith Festival

Amyl & The Sniffers @ Meredith Festival (Credit: Joshua Braybrook)

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Days after Morrissey called out the “insultingly stupid” tributes to Sinéad O'Connor from music industry figures who didn’t support her while she was alive, Amyl & The Sniffers vocalist Amy Taylor took to her Instagram stories last night (30 July), telling people to “stop treating me like shit while I’m alive”.

Holding a cigarette and looking directly at the camera in a pair of sunglasses, Taylor wrote a lengthy and, frankly, spot-on caption following recent conversations on social media. You can view an image of the story below.

She continued, “If I die and you write an article/post about how sick I am after I die, I literally will haunt your loved ones (not you because you don’t deserve my evil ghost company), especially you in all-male rock bands who are happy to spend $400 on bags and run my name through the dirt even though your girlfriends are lowkey probably having some kind of awakening over the female empowerment I tirelessly try to emanate.”

Taylor added that said girlfriends likely don’t tell their partners that they look up to her “because you’re too busy talking about your new pedal, even though it’s actually exhausting to be strong all the time and carry the weight of the world because that’s what’s expected of me but I still do it effortlessly and positively without bringing anyone else down.”

The Knifey singer concluded, “Stop expecting people to be perfect when you ugly on the inside too, just like everybody else, because society is sick and we’re all socialised to be wrong, and that’s a bigger problem that isn’t my responsibility”.

Amy Taylor’s Instagram Stories

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This isn’t the first time Taylor has discussed the negative things people say about her or the prejudices she faces. In May, she joined Chloé Hayden (of Netflix’s Heartbreak High fame) on the Boldly Me podcast and said, “People think I’m one-dimensional, or they go like ‘Oh, cos of the way she looks and dresses, like, oh her arse cheeks are out, she must be a dumb-arse.’ 

"Or, you know, like, ‘Because of the way she speaks, you must be uneducated’ – and look, I’m not crazy educated… but the main thing is I’m hungry to learn, and I ask questions, and that’s what a smart person does… It’s like all these prejudices wrapped up in one, but I’m just existing, and it can be complicated for people to understand that.

“I get judged in a lot of different ways,” she admitted, “People should show me more respect.”