EXCLUSIVE: Amity Affliction Lose Member, Hunt For Guitarist Continues

13 August 2012 | 3:33 pm | Scott Fitzsimons

"It just wasn't working out," says frontman Joel Birch

A previous The Amity Affliciton line-up

A previous The Amity Affliciton line-up

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The Amity Affliction's long search for a fifth member is continuing after a split with their most recent replacement guitarist.

The Melbourne post-hardcore band, who boast one of the biggest national followings of a band of their genre, have told theMusic.com.au in a to-be-published article that Imran Siddiqi left the band shortly after the recording of their new record Chasing Ghosts, because "It just wasn't working out."

Vocalist Joel Birch admitted that he didn't know who will be replacing the guitarist at the moment, saying, “We're [currently a] four-piece, but we're just going to have a fill in guitarist from now on.”

Birch added, “We've just been trying to find a permanent guitarist for like four years and no one works, so we've just given up and will have someone play with us live and that'll be that.

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“Whoever it is will get a one year deal. I don't really deal with that shit or care about [it]. I'm sure it'll be nice and fine. Imran just didn't fit in unfortunately. Clint [Ellis, The Getaway Plan guitarist] has probably been the best fit and he just couldn't do it, so unlucky us.”

Ellis left the band to rejoin The Getaway Plan after the band returned from hiatus in 2010.

“If we get lucky I guess we'll have a permanent one," Birch said, "but if not it'll just be a fill-in forever.”

The Amity Affliction will release their new album, Chasing Ghosts, Friday 14 September, controversial cover art and all. Five shows of their upcoming tour have already sold out.