Amazon Use Pic Of Steel Panther For Mötley Crüe Doco Art

3 August 2022 | 10:30 am | Brenton Harris
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Amazon is currently using a picture of Steel Panther to promote a Mötley Crüe documentary.

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Amazon is currently using a picture of Steel Panther to promote a Mötley Crüe documentary.  

The unintentionally humorous blunder, which you can see in all its glory below, somehow manages to get half of the job done right, using a partially obscured picture of the real Crüe in the background. 

Steel Panther vocalist Michael Starr delighted in the mix-up sharing the below video on his Instagram.

The picture is used as the artwork for the 2020 Rock ‘n Roll Icon: Mötley Crüe by director Richard Driscoll on Amazon's 'Prime' streaming service. 

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The synopsis promises a loot at the American heavy Metal Band Mötley Crüe. Formed in Los Angeles in 1981 by bassist Nikki Sixx, drummer Tommy Lee, lead guitarist Mick Mars and lead singer Vince Neil. The documentary does not repeat the blunder by casting Steel Panther in the role of the Crüe.

The mix-up is made arguably more humorous given the two bands reported dislike for one another. The two acts have had several heated exchanges, most of which seem to originate due to Mötley Crüe seemingly believing Steel Panthers' comedic hair-metal pastiche is a direct shot at them

"Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx did not like it when we went on tour with them in 2011. And that was the only time that we really felt unwelcome. The thing with those guys is I think they thought we were actually making fun of them directly. And I just gotta chalk that up to their egos being too big, because nothing that we do has anything to do with them directly."

Mötley Crüe are yet to comment on the Amazon blunder. The hair-metal icons have been performing concerts in recent weeks in the US, causing some controversy when videos surfaced of drummer Tommy Lee seemingly using backing tracks to assist his performance. 

Steel Panther will tour Australia in October. The Heavy Metal Rules Tour will see the band travelling around Aus and NZ alongside Atlanta heavy rock outfit Sevendust

Tickets for the Heavy Metal Rules tour are on sale now. For all the info, jump on over to theGuide.