[UPDATE] AJ Maddah Tells NOFX No Decision Has Been Made About SW16 Yet

16 December 2015 | 3:15 pm | Staff Writer

"Not true yet"

Another member of the NOFX camp has spoken out about Soundwave 2016; this time NOFX's founding member Eric Melvin

Melvin posted a photo on Instagram of a tour poster of his upcoming tour dates in Australia — this image was for a show at the Bendigo Hotel — for which he captioned, "Soundwave cancelling sw16 isn't going to stop me from seeing my Australian mates at Xmas".

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Fat Mike of NOFX also jumped in on the action, posting "Shit, I wanted to meet Flav and Chuck D. Come on AJ, make it happen!...."

When alerted of this by a punter on Twitter, Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah replied, "not true yet", implying the future of the festival is still undecided.

He also said the cancellation was "down to some scumbags at Eventopia/Ticketel [sic]", to which Eventopia replied via Twitter, "we don't have any say in whether the 2016 festival goes ahead".

NOFX are scheduled to be in town for their headline tour in January following Soundwave, as well as a special punk rock karaoke tour featuring Melvin and members of Bad Religion and Goldfinger.


Maddah has hit back at Eventopia, calling out the company's CFO.

The Music have spoken to Eventopia and they have told us there is "no official comment at this time."