15 Bangers The Bennies Think Should Be Rockin' Your Holiday Playlist

26 December 2015 | 9:38 am | The Bennies

"If ya mashed off all the pingerz you bought everyone, you need this to be your soundtrack."

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Christmas ain't Christmas without awkward conversations with relatives you hardly remember, a table full of food, a sly unbuttoning of your pants under your strategically worn long shirt and of course, lots of music.
This silly season, The Bennies put together a list of their top 15 bangers that you better have been jamming to these last few days.

Craig’s top 5

1. Freestyler - Bomfunk MC's

I dare you not to dance when this song drops on the DF.

2. No Rain - Blind Melon

One of the best feelings ever is dancing and singing along to this tune while super drunk.

3. Adrenaline Nightshift - Japandroids

This tune always get me psyched up and ready to party.

4. Funny Guy - Dune Rats

Fucken Dunies rule!

5. Are You Gonna Go My Way? - Lenny Kravitz

That riff, that attitude and what about that fucken solo? Yes, Lenny you legend!

Anty’s top 5

1. Electric Avenue - Eddy Grant 

This song has so many good sound effects to try and make while dancing like a complete fuel. Super groovy.

2. Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen

Pretty much impossible to stand still and not sing every single word to this song. The sax solo!!!

3. Paper planes - M.I.A

It’s been a while since this song was popular. But ooooh man… pretending to shoot everyone on the dance floor is way too fun. Sweet Clash backing track on this number as well.

4. Santeria - Sublime

Not my favourite Sublime song at all - but seems to be the most common on the jukebox. Mass sing-alongs will always occur.

5. 54-46 (That's my number) - toots and the maytals

Even if you don’t know this song, it doesn’t take too long to pick up on the, ‘give it to me 1 time (1 hit). Give it to me 2 times (2 hits)’. So so so so groovy as well.

Jules’ top 5

1. girl you want - Devo

It's a dumb song that's about hooking up on New Year's Eve.

2. i'm too sexy - Right Said Fred

If ya mashed off all the pingerz you bought everyone, you need this to be your soundtrack.

3. bananas and blow - Ween

The only New Year's resolution you need in song form.

4. any song by The Replacements

You're not partying unless you've got a couple of Replacements tunes in the set list. They make everything sound like you're stuck in a John Hughes movie.

5. sugar, sugar - The Archie's

Madness-inducing pop that will affect you deep in the party.

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