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Apple Launches New AirPods Pro 2023 Model

13 September 2023 | 2:32 pm | Ellie Robinson

The biggest revision comes in the newly developed H2 chip that powers the earbuds.

AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro (Apple)

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During its flagship Wonderlust event overnight, Apple unveiled a new second-gen model of its AirPods Pro earbuds.

The biggest revision comes in the newly developed H2 chip that powers the earbuds; according to Apple, the chip works in tandem with the AirPods’ driver and amplifier, using “computational algorithms to deliver noise cancellation, superior three-dimensional sound and efficient battery life”.

“The [H2] chip uses powerful adaptation algorithms to process sound more quickly, tuning audio at the precise moment you hear it,” says the official copy on Apple’s website. “Every detail is rendered for your specific ear shape, immersing you in higher‑fidelity sound. “A custom-built driver and amplifier work with the H2 chip to provide lower distortion during playback, so you’ll hear deeper bass and crisper highs – across all volume levels.”

Among the new features offered in the second-gen AirPods Pro are enhanced noise cancellation (said to be up to twice as powerful as the last model), a ‘transparency’ mode that allows for more dynamic noise selectivism “to hear the world around you”, a new ‘Adaptive Audio’ setting that “intelligently tailors noise control to your environment”, and an upgrade to the AirPods’ personalised Spacial Audio processing.

The software uses the iPhone’s TrueDepth camera to “create a customised profile based on your head’s geometry”, which is used “to play sound that better suits your unique ear shape”. Per the official copy, “Adaptive EQ tunes music to your ears in real time based on the fit of AirPods Pro. Inward-facing microphones measure what you’re hearing, then adjust the low to high frequencies of a song – so you get consistently detailed playback, every time.”

The new ‘buds are priced at $399 and will be available next Friday (September 22). Read more about them here, and suss out a promo below:

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Elsewhere at Apple’s Wonderlust event, the company unveiled the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro. The latter was used to film the newly released music video for Olivia Rodrigo’s single get him back!