VIDEO PREMIERE: The Stiffys - 'Choose To Fly'

1 September 2020 | 10:30 am | Neil Griffiths

"We’re so excited to share this new record because it’s literally the best thing we’ve ever done."

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Aussie legends The Stiffys are today premiering their new music video for Choose To Fly right here on!

Lifted from their forthcoming fifth EP, COOL, set for release this Friday, the new clip was filmed "by twenty people standing in a circle around the band holding camera phones at workshop studios in Fitzroy".

"We’re so excited to share this new record because it’s literally the best thing we’ve ever done," The Stiffys told The Music.

"We are cool guys so we wanted to call our new record something cool and we thought what is the coolest thing and first we thought being in a band was the coolest thing so we were going to call our record ‘being in a band’ but then we were like whoah hang on ‘cool’ is actually the coolest thing so let’s call our record “cool.”

"This is the first time we’ve ever used punctuation and that’s why the record took so long to come out because we spent over three years trying to get the font right and, yeah, the results are definitely worth it.

"We are haemorrhaging money on this thing because we can’t tour it but honestly who cares - if we were worried about money and success we wouldn’t have called our band The Stiffys.

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"If you like this record you can just pay us in retweets and likes and shares because after drinks and making bangers that’s literally all we care about. Retweets are like oxygen to us.

"We got a bit personal with Choose To Fly but don’t worry the other songs are about dancing and having a great time and smelling really nice to impress the ladies."

Check out Choose To Fly above.