VIDEO PREMIERE: Emerson Snowe – ‘You're My Boy, Baby!’ (Acoustic)

25 May 2021 | 12:07 pm | Dan Cribb

Watch the new acoustic clip from Emerson Snowe now!

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Formerly Brisbane-based artist Emerson Snowe - real name Jarrod Mahon – today shares a different side of his recent single You're My Boy, Baby!.

Taking from forthcoming EP Emerson Snowe’s Splatterpunk, the new single has been stripped back for an intimate acoustic performance that premieres today via The Music.

"The video was taken while my partner and I were staying in an old hotel in the woods in Bavaria,” he told The Music

“I liked the idea of giving the song a second side to it, totally stripped down to its bones without the layers of synths and drum machines on top.

“The experience almost reminded me of finishing a show on tour and going back to my hotel to work on music on my own just with my nylon guitar. That’s basically what it was like.

“So playing it in a hotel room made it a lot more personal and having the video to accompany it brings that in. Similar to Johnny Thunders creating his Hurt Me album." 

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Earlier this year, Emerson Snowe signed an international label deal with Berlin's Duchess Box label, who now represent him in Europe where he lives. 

Emerson Snowe’s Splatterpunk is out June 23 via Liberation Records.