VIDEO PREMIERE: A Miner - 'Skulls Floating On'

4 May 2018 | 10:59 am | Staff Writer

Says it all in the title.

If you love floating skulls then, boy, do we have a treat for you today in the form of A Miner's new video for single Skulls Floating On, premiering exclusively on

The clip is a visual feast that's rudimentary animation only serves to heighten the off-kilter atmosphere felt when combined with the ominous music.

"I stumbled across a website for a museum that had photographed all of their exhibits for archival purposes," A Miner, aka Marc Oswin, said.

"I foolishly decided to create four minutes and 13 seconds of animation using a selection of the items. Four weeks later, here is the finished product.

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"A surreal journey through the inner workings of the A Miner cerebral cortex. I deliberately avoided any planning or storyboarding – just jumped in and let the narrative build itself on the fly. The result is a nightmarish ride that will leave you scratching your skull, wondering what you’ve just watched."

The new tune is the lead single from Oswin's debut LP, As Water Fills My Lungs, which is slated for release through Heart Of The Rat on Friday 13 July.