Single Focus: Teij

2 September 2015 | 7:28 pm | Travis Johnson

Newly-minted Perth pop-rock act Teij launch their debut single, Tell The Boys, at Jimmy’s Den this Saturday, September 5, with support from Oakland and These Winter Nights. We chat with lead singer Tahlia Beeson.

So, who are Teij?

Teij is a pretty new project. We were all sort of working on different things but had been talking about getting together for a long time. I had already been playing with Brett Walsh, who plays drums, then Tim Milroy got on board playing lead guitar. Soon after I started writing with Matty Cammarano, who is on bass, and it all fell into place from there. Thomas Allison is our latest addition to the team, he plays keys and really completes the sound. 

What’s your sound? 

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Think vocals that can’t quite shake the classical training that float over dirty bass lines and some pretty impressive lead guitar. We all come from really different musical backgrounds and so our influences hugely vary but somehow we mash all those different influences together and make it work. 

Where does the name Teij come from?

I was playing solo under “Tahlia Jaye” before I teamed up with the boys, I wanted to keep some part of that when we moved into a band. Tahlia Jaye - TJ - Teij. Actually not quite sure how we got to it when it’s spelt out like that but that was the line of thinking. 

Tell us about Tell The Boys. 

Tell The Boys is our debut single and we think that it’s the perfect representation of our sound. It’s about unrequited lust and the lyrics are pretty cheeky, we are really proud of it!  

What’s your writing process like?

I wouldn’t call it a “process” as such. Mostly I write the lyrics and take a melody to the boys, then I wave my arms around and try to explain how I want it to sound in gestures and the boys write their parts from there. They are all extremely talented so it works for us!  

Where did you record?

We recorded at RADA studios with Matt Gio. The man is a genius.  

What’s up next for you?

We will be releasing the next few singles over the coming months so stay tuned!  

Originally published in X-Press Magazine