Sticky Fingers Tour Diary: Part Three

8 July 2013 | 1:21 pm | Sticky Fingers

"The unlucky piece of shit got towed away and replaced with our new home. Bye bye black beauty, hello white stallion."

Looking very inconspicuous boys.

Looking very inconspicuous boys.

I'll start by apologising for any bad language and poor grammar in this one. We've just come off stage and I'm a little drunk. Doing better than some though. Dizza in particular I reckon. But I gotta hand it to him. As much as he's an all over the shop Muppet off stage, he's doing his job good on stage. He switches on just long enough to blast it. He needs to shower though. The stinky bastard has gone without one, wearing the same clothes for over a week. He deadset smells like a homeless man. 

Stay classy, always...

Nevertheless summer is finally here. For Europe anyway. And I tell you what; the heat brings out the Aussie in these Dutchies. We saw this beach fight this morning and the motherfuckers fight like Southern Cross All Stars. Quite a sight. We're convinced it's the heat that makes people mad. Maybe it's a universal thing. I'm writing from a post apocalyptic beach shack in Timboektoe, Holland. Complete with massive old missiles sticking out of the sand, an eerie power plant in the distance, and an abundance of children of the corn.

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We copped some more bullshit with the van again. Totally conked out on the highway and ended up having to push it a couple a kilometres to where we were staying in Amsterdam. The unlucky piece of shit got towed away and replaced with our new home. Bye bye black beauty, hello white stallion.

Blending in with the locals.

Our week began in Amsterdam. And a magical three day bender it was. What a beautiful place hey. I reckon the locals must hate tourists there. Feels like most of them don't venture far from smoking pot in the red light district though, so maybe they're fairly easily avoided. I must admit in our first night we found it hard to avoid the tourist trap. None the less we had a fucking great time. This is an evening that left Beaker in bed for the following three days. I'm starting to wonder if the dude is cut out for this style of touring. We wound up sitting on the ledge of a canal around 5AM necking vodka from a brown paper bag. A motor boat appeared out of nowhere with a solo friendly drunken captain. We managed to score a ride home which was fantastic.

New band promo shot?

By the time we got off the boat Beaks couldn't even walk. He was literally legless. We carried him home which wasn't a little bend around the block. Took us a total of 2 hours I reckon. Anyway, we got him to a bed eventually which he pissed and spewed all over before me and Seamus decided he wasn't fit to share a room with us. Old mate grabbed him by the leather and turfed him out the front. Too much spare time isn't good for a touring band.

Crabs is a god damn dork. And he's been copping it pretty hard this tour, I don't know where he thought he was going, but the goober decided to get a flu shot before coming here. Ironically this has made him sick the past three weeks. And sharing so many tight confines with the rest of us, the dribbling Crabulet has passed on the illness. Hate him for it at the moment, but the dude always delivers the best on stage out of anyone. Good on ya Crabs. He's about to be really famous too. Our new clip for Freddy Crabs drops this Sunday. We're all heaps looking forward to how people take it. The whole thing is pretty out there. We love it.

The other night we played a show in a town called Hoorn. I forget the name of the venue but it was fucking great. If it was in Sydney the joint would be totally overrun by trendy indie folk mincers. But being in Holland, the place was all cool. The room was close to 400 years old and looked like a cathedral from out front. Holland is such a great part of the world. And the women are beautiful.

This is madness I tell you!!!

Yesterday the band played a beach gig at MadNes Festival. We played a prime spot late at night and it was totally sold out. This was probably our wildest show yet in every way. We played to around 1000 people losing their shit in a packed out tent. It was a whole lot of fun. And to top it off, soon after that we found out our debut album is doing really well on 3VOR12 - which is like the Dutch equivalent of triple j. Caress Your Soul has held a top three rating for the past two weeks. Totally blown away by this. Up ya go ya wonderful Dutchies. This country is fast becoming our second home.