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SINGLE PREMIERE: Mermaidens - 'She's Running'

23 August 2019 | 12:34 pm | Daniel Cribb

"I felt really small and strange."

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New Zealand trio Mermaidens have offered up another taste of their forthcoming album ahead of their BIGSOUND showcases and accompanying Brisbane and Melbourne headline shows next month.

The band will touch down in Australia in less than two weeks in support of their new LP, Look Me In The Eye, and to celebrate, they’ve today unveiled new cut She’s Running.

“The inciting moment for writing She’s Running was one afternoon when I was looking after two very sweet but insane little boys in the playground after school,” Mermaidens’ Gussie Larkin told The Music.

“I’ve done a bit of childcare as a side hustle over the years, but nothing could prepare me for what I can only describe as a fight to the death. These two kids started lunging at each other, trying to tear the other one apart! I was completely out of my depth.

“Then suddenly all these mums were around me, helping calm these kids down, and reassuring me too. It might seem like a trivial little incident but it gave me a new appreciation for these women and their unseen work.

“After everything chilled out and the boys were best friends again, I sat in the sun watching the women around me playing with and caring for their children. I felt really small and strange, and that’s when I scribbled the chorus lyrics, ‘I’m shrinking beside the wise woman’ in my diary."

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Look Me In The Eye is out September 6 via Flying Nun Records, and you can find all upcoming tour dates in support via theGuide.