10 'Running Up That Hill' Covers You Need To Hear Now

14 June 2022 | 11:10 am | Stephen Green

You can't escape Kate Bush right now as 'Running Up That Hill' dominates world charts. She did it first.... but did she do it best? (TLDR: Yes)

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Thanks to Stranger Things, Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill is dominating charts here in Australia and across the world, but the iconic song is an often covered classic. And if you thought the covers were plentiful before, batten down the hatches in the coming months. But for now, we thought we'd take a look at some alternative versions, some of which will astound you!


'90s alternative rockers Placebo had a crack at the iconic song on their Sleeps With Ghosts album, quickly being snapped up for various film and TV uses. Most famous for its use in The O.C., this brought the song to a whole new generation of fans.


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European symphonic rock band Within Temptation had a crack at the tune back in 2012. Channelling their inner Evanescence, this emotional metal rendition was a minor hit in Europe at the time. 


Imagine having an Amazon Original cover in the can ready to drop JUST as Running goes viral around the world. That's where pop queen Kim Petras found herself earlier this month, recording the track to celebrate Pride Month and then finding her version swept up in the hype. It's a rendition that's quite faithful to the original and should satisfy fans of both Kim and Kate. 


1994 had a crack at the tune and of course the Eurodance trend of the time was the delivery mechanism. Elastic Band weren't well known, but the song did well in Canada. Better known was the remixer Alex Party who was better known for Aussie hits Don't Give Me Your Life and Wrap Me Up, which to be fair were a bit better than this limp phoned-in version of Kate's hit. 


Delta Goodrem duetted with Voice contestant Stellar Perry on the Grand Final of The Voice in 2020. Not the first rendition of the song on The Voice around the world, this one was nonetheless a huge vocal performance from both women. For those who love it, it's a triumph. For those who don't, it's only two minutes long. 


We've had dance and metal so it's time classical had a crack. Add a kids choir and an orchestra and we're ready to rumble. Music teachers everywhere will be rushing to lock this in for their next Eisteddfod performance. 


Swedish folk duo First Aid Kit threw Running Up That Hill into their live set early on and it has become a favourite at many of their shows. They dropped a recorded version as a Spotify exclusive in 2019. 


Another metal version, but this time with none of the subtlety and grace of Within Temptation. Jorn are a a Norweigan hard rock act and this version of Running is off their 2016 covers album Heavy Rock Radio. If you think Kate Bush is a bit too arty, doesn't have enough basic guitar solos and isn't Triple M enough for you, then this will be the seminal version of Running for you. 


OK, so this one is cheating a bit as it's a live performance at the Governor's Ball earlier this month and was a response to the virality of the original, but it's Halsey, so we're going to post it. A testament to both the artist and the song, it's a ripping rendition... we just wish someone recorded a better version for YouTube. 


We were placing bets in The Music office to see how long it would take for a litany of cheese-dance versions of Running Up That Hill to appear to cash in on the Kate Bush renaissance. Sure enough, last week Aussie cheese-masters Bombs Away teamed up with Reigan on vocals (best known for her fight with Jolyon Pech over her vocals on the hit cover of Dreams). No doubt there are alternative house versions descending from all corners of the world to see who can spike the Spotify algorithm hardest to become the most popular second version in the age-old battle for the cash-in. If it's going to be someone, it might as well be an Aussie right?

So are you sick of the also-rans yet? Let's end on the original and best.