Rollerball: On The Road Again.

10 March 2003 | 1:00 am | Eden Howard
Originally Appeared In

Structurally Sound.

Rollerball launch Superstructure at The Zoo on Friday and the Troccadero, Surfers Paradise on Saturday.

Gold Coast based quartet Rollerball are more than deservedly set one of the high marks on Australia’s scene with the release of Superstructure, the band’s overdue long player. This weekend sees their massive slab of fuzzy guitar getting an official airing.

Didn't you guys release Superstructure back in November last year? Why the second bite at the cherry?

“Superstructure came out mid November last year - at about the time the Rhythm Ace Caravan Of Courage showcases began,” frontman Matt explained. “We just wanted to have a launch that would be specifically for Superstructure. You know, maybe have a bit more time to throw in a few more of the songs from Lost In Space and Let Your Hair Hang Down into the set list. Any excuse for a rock n roll party is a good excuse.”

How do you look at Superstructure in the context of the bands back catalogue?

“We see Superstructure as a point somewhere between the first two EPs. It has a much more Oz rock flavour feel to it with a late 70s UK metal edge. There are still some elements of stoner rock in the mix but not to the extent of Lost In Space. The songs from Lost In Space are always some of the favourites live with crowd and that phase of our journey allowed us to continue to where we are now.”

How was the Caravan Of Courage tour for the band?

“The Caravan of Courage was a wild ride. People were very receptive and we were very drunk.”

Who consistently woke up with sorest head? What's your tip for an on the road hangover cure?

“On the last night of the tour we overtook a Chinese restaurant in Geelong and gave out some awards - to my memory the most fucked up human being award was a dead heat between Cracker Roach and Ben Salter from the Giants Of Science. My tip for an on the road hang over cure is to when you first get up - take a glance at Cracker and Ben - you'll start feeling better straight away because, no matter the circumstance you won't feel anywhere near as bad as they did.”

What’s next for Rollerball?

“This week we start the Pill Of Destiny tour that takes in the East Coast. We've got our second single Looking For The Moon that we are starting to promote, European distribution for the new album, a trip to Western Australia and Lifetime is being featured on the new Rip Curl compilation. We're trying to keep busy after our recent hibernation watching the Ashes and the World Cup.”