New Menu: Eatons Hill Hotel

9 December 2015 | 1:47 pm | Xavier Fennell

In saliva-inducing food news, Eatons Hill Hotel has updated their menu for summer.

Should you find yourself stopping by the hotel for a meal these days, you'll be absolutely stuffed for choice. The menu is guided by a feeling of traditional but refined pub food; it seems like the folks over at Eatons Hill have really put in the effort to give you a good, solid feed that isn't all deep fried and greasy. Overall the menu is balanced, offering everything from lighter dishes to comfort food.

The menu stretches from seafood and pasta to burgers and steaks with all the trimmings in between. Each section of the menu gives a decent amount of choice: six different burgers, nine pizzas, and steak served five ways.

Some of the tastiest items include The Roast Royal Tasmanian Lamb Pizza, Ora King Salmon and the Wagyu Beef Burger. On top of these tasty morsels you can grab the USA serving of BBQ Ribs, which is a sure fire way to fill your belly!

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If it's just snacks you're after, try the Duck Spring Rolls, Mac Cheese Balls, the oysters, or the Char Siu Pork Salad. 

Finish it all off with a Kahlua creme brulee, or maybe a cronut.