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The Music 2020 Writers' Poll: Adam Wilding

31 December 2020 | 10:00 am | Adam Wilding

Here's what The Music's writers rated in 2020…

Album Of The Year

  1. Rolling Blackouts CF - Sideways To New Italy
  2. BC Camplight - Shortly After Takeoff
  3. Sorry - 925
  4. Dirty Projectors - 5EPs
  5. Sarah Mary Chadwick - Please Daddy
  6. The Cribs - Night Network
  7. The Beths - Jump Rope Gazers
  8. Fleet Foxes - Shore
  9. Widowspeak - Plum
  10. Something For Kate - The Modern Medieval

Song Of The Year

  1. Shame - Water In The Well
  2. BC Camplight - Back To Work
  3. Rolling Blackouts CF - Cameo
  4. Rolling Blackouts CF - Falling Thunder
  5. Sorry - Heather

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Artist Of The Year

  1. Rolling Blackouts CF
  2. BC Camplight
  3. Sorry

International Artist Live Performance Of The Year

  1. BC Camplight
  2. The Beths
  3. Low

Australian Artist Live Performance Of The Year

  1. Davey Lane
  2. Rolling Blackouts CF
  3. The Melodrones

TV Show Of The Year

  1. The Mandalorian
  2. The Good Lord Bird
  3. ABC News

Highlight Of The Year

Although live music was devastatingly non-existent for most of 2020, there was an abundance of great albums and singles to be found - Rolling Blackouts CF's release was better than their first (and their first was great) while 40 years old Brian Christinzio of BC Camplight proved MIDDLE AGE IS WHERE YOU PEAK.

Prediction For Next Year

UK band Shame's Water In The Well was a great song, video and way to end a shitty fucking year, and their new album will top best albums lists in 2021. Until then, look after yourself and your neighbour.