Motor Ace: Aces High.

16 December 2002 | 1:00 am | Calli Gregor
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Motor Ace play the Arena on Friday.

Two very full years are coming to a close for Motor Ace, and you kind of get the feeling that they are looking forward to the break. However, not before they play the Arena on Friday for their hoards of Brisneyland fans.

These gentlemen, and I am generalising cause I only spoke to one them, have had a busy time of late, particularly since the release of their latest album Shoot This. Their first album Five Star Laundry did exceptionally well, with Death Defy becoming the theme song for Secret Life Of Us, as I’m sure you are all well aware.

Motor Ace are an amalgamation who came together out of two bands.  Melbourne outfits Snow Blind and Paradime supplied most of the members, add to that the ringing in of another mate, so Pat, Matt, Dave and Damian (who fancies himself a bit of a chef) make up this very talented foursome, who are doing great things musically. Carry On has been released on American radio, and is drawing very positive reviews, not bad for group of musos from Melbourne. They launched themselves onto the scene at the Evelyn Hotel in Fitzroy in 1998 and as it goes, haven’t looked back.

Motor Ace have developed a pretty serious following with four websites set up in honour of them by fans. One of which has an area dedicated to interpreting the bands song lyrics, Pat being the major song writer of the band hasn’t yet read them, “really” was his reaction on being told, “I will have to have a look at that” he said.

As part of what Patrick refers to as the ‘rock star fantasy’ the band played four states in twenty-four hours following their Brisbane Livid gig, “if only we had a private jet” was his only gripe about that mammoth effort. The chaos of that day is unusual but the fact that they were backing up Oasis made it a whole lot easier “that was a massive buzz for us, a bit of a fantasy” Patrick said and it goes on, rehearsals and gigs in their home town of Melbourne, which is what a band wants really.

Patrick, the bands lead singer, is looking forward to a relatively quiet Christmas and summer in general. “Yeah I think we are just going to take it pretty quietly, we will probably do something early next year, maybe February or March,” he said. “We might try and write some stuff over summer or may be just get away from the whole thing and take some time off.”

You get the impression he is not overly concerned about the next few months, a bit of R n R being foremost on his mind.

The August release of Shoot This hasn’t slowed the machine at all, Pat, who does most of the writing for the band anticipates this over the break. “Sometimes when you set aside time to write it is counter productive, often when you don’t have any real plans and you can sit down and use the down time to relax it will happen.” he said.

These guys cruise on stage, they are there to play their music – and play it they do. Their performance is spot on. You know you are witnessing good musicians when they sound exactly like their CD, it’s all real and honest.

Motor Ace haven’t played much in Brisbane aside from festivals and Pat reckons it’s time to come back, “we had such a great gig at Livid we thought we would come back and do our own show” which they will be doing on Friday night at the Arena and if last weeks Melbourne shows are anything to by it will be worth a look.