'Living In A Haze': Milky Chance Chat Collaborations With The Beaches

30 April 2024 | 2:09 pm | Mary Varvaris

Milky Chance have interviewed The Beaches about what it was like to join them on 'Living In A Haze' ahead of the latter’s first Australian tour for The Music.

Milky Chance, The Beaches

Milky Chance, The Beaches (Credit: Anthony Molina, Becca Hamel)

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Last month, German duo Milky Chance teamed up with Canadian band The Beaches for a brand-new take on their hit single, Living In A Haze.

A song that had already amassed over 500 million streams and charted in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the US, Canada, France and beyond, The Beaches provide a fresh, feminine perspective and even add their own verse.

In a statement, Milky Chance said of the collaboration, “We are very happy that The Beaches decided to jump on Living In A Haze and give it an extra musical kick. There was so much love from Canada for this song, so to have such a cool Canadian band come on the track is perfect.

“We are thrilled by how great Jordan's voice sounds on the song, how the collaboration fits together, and how they have lyrically given the disco boy a female empowerment touch.”

The Beaches added, “We are so excited to be collaborating with Milky Chance on their song Living In A Haze. This song is so infectious, and it was so cool to be featured on this remix. Hopefully, our version makes it feel like summer is right around the corner.”

While winter is around the corner in Australia, Milky Chance toured down under earlier this year—including a massive slot at Party In The Paddock festival—and The Beaches are about to play in Australia for the first time in a highly anticipated, completely sold-out tour.

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To celebrate the collaborative spirit, Milky Chance have interviewed The Beaches about what it was like to join them on Living In A Haze ahead of the latter’s first Australian tour for The Music.

Milky Chance: We are so happy you decided to jump on Living In A Haze, we're interested to know what was it that finalised your decision to do this collaboration?

The Beaches: It was an easy sell, honestly! I found out that Milky Chance was a fan of my band, and I was a really big fan of their stuff. I loved the idea of collaborating. More than that, though, I just really really loved Living In a Haze and had a lot of cool ideas on how to make it Beachesey. 

MC: Was it hard to re-do the lyrics after already knowing our lyrics for the song?

The Beaches: At first, I had trouble figuring out what I would do differently in terms of the lyrics. It was hard because I was already such a fan of the song, so my first instinct was to just sing a verse with the lyrics that already existed. Then I just figured I’d give it a shot writing my own verse. I thought about going out dancing in Berlin and came up with my own lyrics as sort of a response to the ones the boys had made. 

MC: We'd love to play this live with you one day. What would be the dream city for this to happen in if you're up for it?

The Beaches: Berlin, of course!! But I’d happily play this with you anywhere! 

MC: We love Canada, but can you recommend a few favourite spots in Toronto we should visit?

The Beaches: Absolutely! Toronto is a wonderful city! My favourite bar is either Black Dice or Mama’s Liquor & Lounge. My favourite place to go dancing is a club called Standard Time. And my favourite hangover food are the momos at Loga’s Corner or the breakfast sandwich at Gold Standard. Hopefully, we’ll be in Toronto at the same time, and I’ll show you around myself!

MC: Any other musical collaborations or songs you would love to do with another artist?

The Beaches: It would be cool to do something with Liam Gallagher. Even though he also scares the shit out of me! 

MC: Milky Chance have toured constantly over the last decade, and you have too - any favourite country or venue that we should ensure we get to?

The Beaches: It’s hard to pick a favourite country that we’ve played! I was really surprised by Paris, the last time we were there the crowd was so engaged and fun! Also, this is random, but the last time I played Charleston in the states I had such a blast, the venue was amazing (the Charleston Pour House), the crowd was so rowdy, and the green room was so cool it was a vintage school bus!

MC: You've played with some big bands over the years - Foo Fighters, The Rolling Stones, Alanis Morissette - any good stories from these tours?

The Beaches: Yes, haha, we’ve been so incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to open for so many of our heroes. First off, they all play phenomenal shows, but I guess that’s a given. Dave Grohl maybe is the best smelling person in the whole world, he smells like American tobacco and leather - and he is so unbelievably kind. Mick Jagger and I had matching silver sequin outfits when we met, and I got two kisses on the cheek from him, which was fucking awesome.

The Beaches are bringing their Blame My Ex Tour to Australia this May. Living In A Haze is out now.




Monday 6 May – The Zoo, Brisbane (SOLD OUT)

Wednesday 8 May – Howler, Melbourne (SOLD OUT)

Thursday 9 May – Howler, Melbourne (SOLD OUT)

Friday 10 May – Corner Hotel, Melbourne (SOLD OUT)

Sunday 12 May – Metro Theatre, Sydney (SOLD OUT)