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King Mungi: Nothing’s Shocking.

3 March 2003 | 1:00 am | Eden Howard
Originally Appeared In

The Some Of Us.

King Mungi launch Something Nothing at the Troccadero, Surfers Paradise on Thursday, The Zoo on Friday, the Sands Tavern, Maroochydore on Saturday and the Gabba Hotel on Sunday.

King Mungi recently went into the studio to help a local producer clock up some studio hours, and walked out with the new single Something Nothing. Not a bad way to work, really. And to top it off, they’ve found someone to work on their overdue album in the process.

“We are still writing and arranging songs for this long player,” frontman Ben Whitcross confirmed. “We plan to record in May this year, so the release would be around September. We hope. As we found out from our first release it doesn’t matter how fast you record and finish a project it’s the politics involved with the release that takes its toll.”

Politics aside, the band have been ploughing ahead since the release of their Fear The Little People mini album. They’ve landed numerous overseas and national support gigs, and most recently playing this year's Gold Coast Big Day Out.

“Big Day Out with out a doubt would have to be the biggest gig that we have ever played at. Having over 2000 people watching us was an absolute ball tearer. To hear a crowd like that singing and moshing to your songs is just unheard of and overwhelming for a local band trying to offer something a little bit different to the industry. That and Hed PE. Our biggest international support so far.”

And what of the future? A lot of your press comes from overseas, are there plans to travel?

“Oh yeah! We have a great following in the UK who keep in touch with us on a regular basis (every night on our forum). FTLP has made its way over to more than 10 countries. We receive emails from people in other countries that can’t even speak English; all they write is ‘km rok n roll fukin kick ass’. Shit like that. Its funny, we’ve been asked to go to Brazil and play in their local pub but as I say to them all ‘we can’t afford’. It is nice to get those sort of emails.”

“Our plans for the future? Recording our first album and releasing it in 2003. Tour as much as our promoters will allow us to. We are touring in March, going through Melbourne first and supporting a local Melbourne band Full Scale. Then off to Sydney in May. Then hopefully the world. Yet to be confirmed. That saying is the story of our life… Yet to be confirmed.”